Hotel Housekeeping: How To Sanitize Against Coronavirus

Posted by David Dajani

Hotel Housekeeping and the Novel Coronavirus

As hotel housekeeping experts, we want to share a few simple tips and resources to ensure the health and safety of your team and community. 

The Coronavirus and the illness it causes, COVID-19, is a novel (new) disease. Therefore, the CDC recommends that hotels and other community organizations implement Coronavirus cleaning protocol that mirrors the cleaning protocol for Influenza, SARs, and similar contagious pathogens. Below are simple graphics to help guide you and your hotel housekeeping teams to success and safety. We look forward to brighter days ahead and send our light and support!

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Helpful Links

CDC guidelines for community organizations (including hotels)

EPA approved disinfectant/cleaners for porous materials:

EPA approved disinfectant/cleaners for nonporous materials:

All links route to outside sources such as the Center for Disease Control (U.S.), Environmental Protection Agency (U.S.), and American Chemistry. These links and all suggestions are provided for reference, refer to cleaning directions from your relevant local Authority as needed. 


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