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Optii Solutions announced today its commitment to endorse the AHLA Safe Stay initiative.

Safe stay

Optii is an innovative cloud-based platform for automating hospitality housekeeping and operations divisions.  Optii Keeper allows hotels to implement and monitor the new standards and health and safety protocols,  helping America’s hotels to safely welcome back guests as we slowly reopen our country.

GRA Screen

Optii Keeper will display all customized branded and independent hotels new health and cleaning procedures for guest room attendants to follow, by room type, on their devices. Any updates to these standards are communicated to the team in real-time. Additionally, Optii offers customized checklists of additional jobs to be performed by guest room attendants and allows supervisors to digitally  inspect these jobs before the guestroom is released to a new guest arrival. These steps will guarantee cleaning best-practices are performed according to these new standards and will help deliver cleaning safety that travelers expect from your hotel in the new world. 

“This initiative represents a new level of focus and transparency for an industry already built on cleanliness. Hotels have always had rigorous standards for cleaning and safety. With Safe Stay we are enhancing these standards to boost consumer confidence and doing so in accordance with guidance issued by public health authorities, including the Centers for Disease Control (CDC),” said Chip Rogers, President and CEO of AHLA.


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