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Is Outsourcing Housekeeping the Right Solution for Your Hotel?

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Many of today’s top-performing hotels are opting to outsource their housekeeping staff, and for good reason! Outsourcing your hotel’s housekeeping staff can cut labor costs up to 25% by greatly reducing expenditures associated with payroll taxes, benefits and high turnover rates that plague so many hotel housekeeping departments.

However, diving in to this new business model comes with some challenges. Outsourcing agencies often require weekly or monthly reports that track how many cleans are being performed and how many hours each room attendant worked at the property. Generally, these third-party employees are not in the hotel’s payroll system and therefore require inefficient paper time sheets to track their hours. Also, individual employees who are cleaning on the property each day may vary if there is a large labor pool.

So, how can you overcome these challenges and reap all the benefits outsourcing your hotel’s housekeeping staff has to offer? The answer lies in finding the right housekeeping management software – like Optii! Optii’s industry-leading hotel housekeeping management app makes it quick and easy to manage both your own staff and/or an outsourced housekeeping team. Here’s how:

  • Optii’s housekeeping management technology gives managers, supervisors and room attendants full visibility into their daily assignments, with just a few clicks!
  • Plus, changes to housekeeping room assignments due to sick calls or a last-minute rush can be made quickly from any device and communicated automatically to room attendants and supervisors via the app.
  • Optii’s predictive clean-time technology allows housekeeping managers to accurately estimate the number of room attendants needed for each shift, based on guest type and use pattern.
  • Housekeeping hours and clean-time efficiency are tracked right in the app, making it a breeze for managers to report back accurate numbers to an outsourcing agency.
  • Optii’s easy-to-use mobile app puts a virtual housekeeping guide in the hands of each room attendant, providing step-by-step instructions for cleaning each room to the highest standards.

The Bottom Line

Paired with the right housekeeping management software, outsourcing your hotel’s housekeeping staff is a great way to reduce labor costs and boost productivity. Learn more about how Optii’s best-in-class housekeeping management app can help your hotel make a successful transition to outsourced housekeeping staffing – request a demo today! 

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