The 4 Keys to Controlling Hotel Housekeeping Costs in 2019

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New year, new budget! You spent a lot of time and effort forecasting and preparing your budget for 2019. In a perfect world, both would play out exactly as planned but unfortunately, this isn’t how reality works. Demand fluctuations, productivity levels, labor costs, unexpected maintenance issues, and any number of other factors can easily steer your hotel away from its 2019 profit goals.

One of the most important areas to control is, of course, the housekeeping department. Housekeeping labor costs represent one of the largest expenses for hotels, meaning that ensuring these costs are in check starting now is key to smooth sailing throughout the rest of 2019.

Sound like a daunting task? It doesn’t have to be! Using an intelligent housekeeping management software, like Optii, makes it easy – here’s how:

1. Eliminate wasted labor

In many hotels, both housekeeping staff and managers spend far too much of their valuable hours on the clock travelling from one end of the hotel to the other. Optii’s intelligent software platform eliminates this unnecessary and costly travel time by automatically assigning rooms based on the optimum path of travel. It also allows managers, supervisors and front-desk staff to track housekeeping progress in real time from any device, resulting in a 60%+ reduction in manual communications.

2. Accurately predict clean-times

Cleaning times can vary significantly depending on room size, number of guests, length of stay, stayover vs. check out, etc. Optii’s predictive clean-time technology analyzes these factors and automatically assigns the right amount of time and resources for each room, meaning increased housekeeping productivity and reduced labor costs.

3. Automatically adjust housekeeping schedules

Some guests decide to stay an extra day or two, others check out early, while still more require wake-up, turndown, or any number of other special requests. Optii helps your housekeeping team keep up with these constant status updates and special requests by automatically adjusting housekeeping schedules guest-by-guest, room-by-room and minute-by-minute.

4. Full visibility and industry-leading data analytics

Optii provides housekeeping managers and supervisors real-time visibility into room attendant progress. In addition, Optii’s data analytics dashboards and reports convert daily metrics into consolidated data and actionable insights, allowing hotel management to make data-driven decisions that help drive financial and cleanliness results.

The Bottom Line

Using an intelligent housekeeping management software like Optii can provide your hotel cost-cutting benefits as well as the visibility and data you need to make smart business decisions – ultimately, helping ensure you stick to your 2019 budget. Check out our quick online calculator to find out how much your hotel can save with Optii!

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