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Optii Solutions Housekeeping Software App

80% Reduction in Guest Queues

Superior Housekeeping Management Software

Up to 500% Return on Investment

Save Paper and Go Green with Optii

70% Less Manual Communication

Optii is housekeeping software for hotels

40% Increase in Supervisor Efficiency

Housekeeping Software for Hotels to boost quicker cleans

25% Increase in Staff Productivity

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Optii Management Dashboard to track hotel housekeeping production

The power of Intelligent operations is in your hands

Optii Keeper is intelligent housekeeping management software designed to streamline operations, maximize productivity, and improve your hotel’s bottom line.

Optii empowers hotel housekeeping departments to leverage the power of smart, responsive, and user-friendly technology to boost results.

How It Works

Optii is trusted hotel housekeeping software

Optii is a user-friendly software and app designed for hotel housekeeping teams to improve productivity, reduce errors, and ensure quality. Optii features an intelligent predictive design to unlock your hotel Rooms Department's potential to enhance guest experience. 

Brands on four continents trust Optii to empower their teams to delight Guests.

Hotel and Resorts that trust Optii include Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Le Meridien Hotels, Holiday Inn Hotel, The Venetian Resort Hotel and Casino
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Track and Manage Hotel Housekeeping with Smart Software

Improve Productivity & Quality

Optii manages people, not tasks. By focusing on the optimization of the people that clean and inspect the rooms, we are able to consistently deliver unparalleled results. From predictive cleaning time analysis that improves your daily planning to unsurpassed reporting - Optii housekeeping software enables  financial results without compromising quality and the guest experience.
Best Software for Hotel Housekeeping

Empower Hotel Staff

Housekeeping is the hub of the Rooms Division and typically represents the largest controllable expense. Optii's innovative features enable your team to streamline communication and the entire hotel's operation. This contributes to a better guest experience while improving financial results. Put the power to deliver elite guest service in the palms of staff's hands and money back to your  bottom line. 
Best Software customer support promise

Customer Success Promise

At Optii, we are hospitality insiders dedicated to your hotel's success. Our team of success managers are professional housekeepers committed to the advancement of their profession and actively work with your team to enhance adoption and deliver results. Just call and ask to speak to one. Real people, real passion, real results for hotel housekeeping departments. 

Hotel Operations Technology to improve communication

Streamline Hotel Housekeeping

Eliminate clipboards, prints, calls, and radios. Outdated communication and management don't cut it anymore.  Neither does generic software built for just any industry.  Streamline your hotel housekeeping operations with real time, visual communication designed exclusively for hotels. Replace inefficient and wasteful hotel housekeeping systems.

About Optii 

Optii was founded in 2006 by a Hospitality Insider on a mission to replace outdated and inefficient hotel operations management. He knew there was a better way to manage and optimize hotel housekeeping with easy-to-use technology. He discovered the immense improvement Optii's proprietary processes had on hotel housekeeping staff efficiency, hotel operations management, and the hotel's bottom line.  

Tailored specifically for hotel housekeeping management, Optii is the best hotel housekeeping software to solve common hotel operations challenges. Optii is dedicated to being:

Optii Hotel Software for Hotel Housekeeping

Champions of Our Customers’ Success

Improve Hotel Guest Experience with Optii Housekeeping software

Partners that Empower Users to Improve Guest Experience

Hotel Housekeeping Checklists and more

Experts in Solutions Customized for Hospitality

Optii for labor and efficiency in hotel housekeeping departments

Fanatics Obsessed with Labor and Efficiency Optimization

Technology to improve hotel guest ratings

Innovators of User-Friendly Technology Proven to Drive Result

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