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Unlock the Full Potential of your Team with Optii's Innovative Language Translation Feature.

Optii's inline translation empowers teams to break down language barriers and collaborate seamlessly, without the need for costly third-party translation tools or relying on bilingual colleagues. With Optii's chat module and note areas, messages are instantly translated line by line into the user's preferred language, ensuring that everyone stays on the same page and can contribute fully to the team's success. Say goodbye to language barriers and hello to greater productivity and collaboration with Optii's inline translation.

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I went to visit my team in Paris this week, who mostly don’t speak English (and my French is very limited) so we’ve communicated using Optii Chat perfectly. It made huge difference to our communication and will make a huge difference to everyone. It's so good that I now have to keep sending additional languages to be added!! 

Lloyd Green
Staycity, Head of Operational Effectiveness

Inclusive Communication

  • Translate line-by-line of messages in a chat  
    • Coming soon: Translate free form entered text in relevant note areas in the respective language
  • Receive message in your preferred language 
    • Coming Soon: Have the ability to access the message in the original language
  • Increase accuracy and clarity of communication across teams
  • Improve the execution and timeliness of tasks within an operation
  • Improved employee satisfaction and increased inclusivity
  • Expand the pool of eligible job candidates who may have previously been excluded due to language barriers


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