Your Priorities are our Priorities

Training & OnBoarding for Success

Optii’s onboarding services are here to support you, every step of the way. When you onboard with Optii, we’ll build a customized onboarding plan together that’s designed to help you reach your most important goals, faster..

Optii's experts will design an onboarding plan for you based on::

  • Your highest priority goals with Optii
  • The size & complexity of your organization
  • The Optii products you purchased
  • Your current technology stack and how it integrates with Optii
  • When you complete your onboarding with Optii, you’ll be confident using Optii to reach your goals

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We Do Things Differently

Customized for Relevance

Optii’s onboarding process is tailor-made for busy hoteliers. We do not spend one high-intensity week on your property to overstretch your managers and cause them to struggle from pure over-saturation.

Optii’s onboarding extends over 3 months, taking you live on your chosen Optii products as soon as your interface is live and then coaching your team at a pace that ensures that your managers are confident leaders, competent and sustainably make the best use of your Optii products.

Not only is this process more cost-efficient, but it also ensures that you reach your priority goals with Optii..

We don't expect the housekeeping department to become computer experts. In fact, we provide an armchair ride, with a quick implementation of all the basics, and additional functionality rolled out at your pace. This is handled through regular reviews and documented plans post-implementation.  That way, you get immediate benefits, and are assured of returns over the long run."

Stay Close & Maintain Distance

Remote Training & Go-Live

The combination of a structured plan, video-based training, personalised webinars and a direct link to your own personal onboarding coach ensures that learning is maximised while also remaining respectful of distancing requirements to minimize risk and exposure.

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