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Exclusive Predictive Clean Time Tech for Hotel Housekeeping

Optii calculates a customized clean time for each room so mangers can manage to realistic expectations for maximum efficiency

Optii implements a proprietary algorithm to forecast how long each room will take to clean based upon Guest, Property, and Employee analytics. No other hotel housekeeping software offers this level of insight or labor management. This is one way that sets Optii above the competition.

Optii is best housekeeping app connect the Front Desk to Rooms Department

Manage hotel housekeepers in real time and let Optii do the hard work

 Assign rooms easily, track staff progress, and let Optii do the hard work to meet guests' needs 

Automation Optii replaces the hassle and waste of outdated communication and printing with Smart, Cloud based technology. Optii manages the cleaning operation for you, allowing you to focus on your guests and team. If you do want to make changes, you can change assignments in real time with the click of a button- and the team knows about it in an instant. 

Easy to Adopt and Use App for Hotel Housekeeping Staff

Give hotel housekeepers the power to increase productivity and manage their day with Optii 

Housekeepers enjoy Optii because it provides clear direction, predictive scheduling, and helpful insight about the room's guests to improve their experience. There is less noisy radio traffic and messy papers to manage as well. With customer success coaching available, training your hotel Housekeeping departments is a breeze. Unlock hotel housekeepers' potential to delight guests with Optii.

Hotel housekeeper software detailed view
Optii Hotel Housekeeping Management software reports

Optimize and analyze hotel housekeeping efficiency

Hotel housekeeping is often the largest controllable expense- improve operations and costs with Optii's uncomplicated reports

Optii features an effective dashboard of reports to provide hotel housekeeping management useful information to make smarter business decisions. Whether it is diagnosing areas of improvement or recognizing  star performers- Optii improves hotel housekeeping. Quick and efficient hotel housekeeping translates into greater savings and budget control.



Housekeeping Department Efficiency Tracking

A simple tool to track how housekeepers are performing every hour of each day

Ensure that hotel housekeeping teams maintain velocity throughout the day so guests never have to wait for a room. This feature allows hotel housekeeping managers and hotel general managers to gauge if housekeepers are using their time effectively to clean priority rooms first, such as departures, to eliminate queues. 

Optii has better hotel housekeeping reports than amadeus, knowcross, and quore
Hotel Housekeeper holding Optii hotel housekeeping software

4.6 Kilos

Paper saved per day

26,820 Rooms

Cleaned per Day

1,400 Users

Users per Day

1,025 Active

Housekeepers per Day
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