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Your Onboarding Timeline

Your Hotel Operations Onboarding Journey at Optii

Catering for your teams' needs.

Optii’s trainers have been training hotel managers and front-line staff around the world for over a decade.

This experience taught us that hoteliers derive better value from a longer, step-by-step training period than a short, high-intensity training effort that forces the team to ‘drink from the firehose’ - which inadvertently results in low retention and therefore compromised usage and benefits to the hotel. That’s why we train your team in smaller chunks over a longer period - ensuring that they are comfortable every step along the way and have time to practice in daily operations along the way.


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Your Timeline to Success

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What's Included

  • The Optii Success coaches and Project Managers will configure your hotel based on the information you provide
  • Training videos that provide your room attendants and supervisors with the skills to competently use Optii
  • 2 x Webinars for management users prior to go live
  • 1 x Simulation: ½ day use of your own Optii system, preparing you for go-live
  • 1 x guided go-live - All day guidance from your success coach
  • Daily check-in calls (1st week post-go-live, 1 hour max), twice weekly checkins for 6 weeks post-go-live (1 hour max)
  • 3 x webinars with focussed training
  • Ongoing success coaching services from 6 weeks past go-live

What's Not Included

  • On-Site visits
  • Extra webinars
  • Retraining of new team members
  • (Although all of the above can be arranged at reasonable rates…)

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