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Hotel Operations: What to expect in 2022 and how to tackle labor shortages 

Over the past year, there have been major shifts in how hotels must operate to adapt to evolving travelers expectations and the rise of labor shortages. Today, hoteliers are having to run their operations with lean teams, leading to increased costs and time spent on training and onboarding [...] 

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Reopening Hotels in Europe and Learnings from Around the World

The hotel industry is facing new challenges. Whether it is operating with a lean team, communicating across departments, or meeting guest expectations - you name it... But, it doesn't have to be so hard! Watch the recording to [...] 

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Adapt or Stay Behind: Optimizing and Streamlining
Hotel Operations 

Optii, Oracle and Four Seasons join to discuss ways in which hotels are adopting new technology to optimize and streamline their operation. Watch the recording to [...]

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Hotel risks and rewards: Optimizing profitability

Optii, Chesapeake Hospitality and Thayer Ventures joined to discuss the risks and rewards hotels have been facing while optimizing their operational profitability. Watch the recording to [...]

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Traditional Hotel Roles Have Changed: Ensuring Staff
Productivity and Memorable Guest Experience

Optii, Oaky and Loews Hotels joined to discuss how traditional roles have changed due to certain circumstances in the hotel industry. These changes can be happening but how do you ensure staff productivity and deliver a memorable guest experience? Watch the recording to [...]

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Helping Hotels Navigate COVID-19 Related Shifts
Effectively and Efficiently

Optii, Dragonfly Strategists and Criton joined to discuss some of the related shifts we are seeing in the hotel industry due to COVID-19. Regardless of the shifts, we cover ways in which hotels can navigate through them effectively and efficiently. Watch the recording to [...]

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