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Technology plays a huge role in most parts of our lives, whether that be through your work or personal life. The rapid rate of growth and innovation in technology has meant most people will be using some form of tech or software in their everyday life. 

This is the same in hotels. Over the past five years, and with the acceleration of tech adoption thanks to the pandemic, we have seen hospitality organizations embrace technology that has been designed with hotels in mind. Technology such as hotel operations software has increased in popularity as hotel and operations managers look for help with daily operations with automation and AI. 

However, some hotels are still stuck in traditional ways, relying on unreliable pen and paper to manage their daily operations. Does this sound familiar? In this blog we wanted to help outline the key 5 things that your boss wants to know about hotel operations software, that will help convince them that now is the right time to invest.

1. It will enable you to do more with less 

All hotels around the world are facing staff shortages at the moment as the industry faces a labor crisis post-pandemic. It has never been more important for housekeeping and operations teams to be as efficient as possible so that they can do more with smaller teams. This is where technology plays such a crucial role. By implementing the right hotel operations software you are essentially providing your team with the resources they need to get their job done in the most efficient and productive way, that won’t compromise the quality of the work or impact the guest experience.

2. It will provide insights to help improve efficiencies 

Data is king for hotels in today’s environment. With the right hotel operations software, hoteliers can arm themselves with data insights that will help improve their teams productivity and efficiency. This visibility of data and overall performance of teams and operations mean that hoteliers and managers can make real changes that will help improve productivity. That is how we created Optii, a data-driven platform that provides a 360 degrees approach which provides hotels with full access to their operations, so they can easily identify areas where more or less resource is required.

3. It can keep up with the pace of change 

The best hotel operations software are intelligent, utilizing the power of artificial intelligence and automation to help optimize a hotel team's performance. If the past two years have taught us anything it's that hoteliers need to be agile and flexible when it comes to daily operations so they can easily adapt to new demands and processes. Good hotel operations software uses AI to constantly learn what features and information is the most useful for hoteliers, so you can be rest assured that your technology will never be out of date

4. It can lead to a better overall guest experience 

By implementing hotel operations software you are not only improving the day to day job for your teams but also the overall experience for your guests. With an efficiently run and streamlined operations team, you are able to ensure even higher standards and level of service. By centralizing operations with technology you are improving the communications across your teams, so guest requests never get missed and last minute changes can be easily implemented. Providing your teams with technology means you are giving them back time, time that could be spent directly with guests to ensure they have a good stay and any unexpected requests or changes can be easily dealt with.

5. It pays for itself 

Making the choice to invest in technology can feel risky, particularly in a period where hotels are looking to reduce costs. However, the beauty of hotel operations software such as Optii is that it is low risk with high upside potential. The full visibility approach that technology enables means that hoteliers can see where productivity is high and low and can adapt accordingly. It leads to overall efficiency and productivity so a platform such as Optii typically pays for itself within one month of use, making it an affordable solution in the long term for your hotel. We’ve even created our own ROI calculator so you can see how much you can save. 

As technology continues to evolve, it is becoming harder for hotels to ignore the potential positive impact it could have on their daily operations. Taking the time to invest in the right technology for your hotel is vital to make sure you and your team get the most of the solution and it suits your priorities. If you or your boss still need convincing then get in touch with a member of our team today and let us show you how it works!