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LUXXE Outsourced Hotel Services, one of Australia's leading providers of hotel housekeeping staff, today announced its commitment to extend its partnership with Optii Solutions, the innovative  hotel operations technology platform. LUXXE has been working in partnership with Optii for several  years across multiple hotels and is extending the services partnership of Optii product portfolio, Optii Keeper, Optii Service and Optii Chat across an additional 8 properties in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Cairns.

Optii Keeper, the leading housekeeping optimization technology, uniquely streamlines the management of hospitality staff. In addition to this, it enables the new, specific cleaning protocols to be assigned, tracked, inspected and audited to provide guests with confidence in the cleanliness of their room. Optii Service will be deployed to help hotels to manage lean, streamlined service teams by centralizing and automating the management of service requests. Optii Chat will be used to ensure that staff right the way across hotel operations are instantly connected, anytime and anywhere.

As we start to see restrictions from the COVID-19 crisis lifting around the world, hotel managers are looking at the best technology to help optimize staff deployment and reduce costs within their housekeeping and service teams. LUXXE are using this time to invest in the installation and training of Optii technology across the sites to ensure the properties will be well prepared for the re-opening of the country in the coming months.

Craig Coughlin, CEO and Owner of LUXXE said, "As we operate across a large number of hotels in Australia, I find that Optii gives my operations managers excellent insight into what is happening on a daily basis at each hotel even when they are not on site themselves at the time. This kind of information is absolutely critical at this time to ensure that teams are as streamlined as possible and staff are 100% focused on the right tasks. The ability to view cleanliness quality scores and ensuring that rooms are being returned to Front Office in a timely manner also ensure we are meeting our strict KPI's that we set with our clients. The level of support provided with monthly reporting is excellent and gives me a good overall snapshot of how each property is performing so there are no surprises.”

Katherine Grass, CEO of Optii Solutions said, "We’re delighted LUXXE has extended its commitment with us to 8 more properties. As we enter the post-pandemic era, hotels will need to manage their staff costs carefully as occupancy levels build back up as well as provide guests with peace of mind and assurances around cleaning protocols and procedures. Optii features ensures managers have all the information available to deploy the right people at the right time as well as to deliver peace of mind that the highest standards are maintained.

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