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Austin, Texas: Optii Solutions, the leading provider of hotel operations technology, today announced the release of their guide, "Perfecting Hotel Operations: A Guide for Operations and Hospitality Leaders." This invaluable guide serves as a roadmap for hoteliers seeking to enhance guest experiences, boost productivity, and optimize operations, providing them with actionable steps and resources to achieve their goals.

The guide covers a range of topics critical to improving hotel operations, including staff scheduling and management, inventory control, housekeeping efficiency, becoming an employer of choice, and leveraging technology to enhance guest experiences. It provides practical tips, proven strategies, and customer case studies that can be easily implemented by hoteliers across all types of properties.

What sets Optii's guide apart is its collaboration with visionary operations leaders and General Managers (GMs) who bring innovative perspectives to the table. By partnering with these industry experts, Optii ensures that the guide covers the latest strategies to enhance and streamline tasks and addresses the evolving needs of hotel operations.

"We are excited to share our 2023 Perfecting Hotel Operations guide with hoteliers globally," said Christian Ljungqvist, Global Director of Marketing at Optii. "We wanted to ensure that the information we shared not only serves the most common goals of hoteliers, but that these strategies have been tested and validated thoroughly. With this comprehensive guide and the strategies provided, we are confident that hoteliers will be able to make meaningful improvements to their operations that will benefit guests, staff, and owners.”

Wendy Zapach, Chief Revenue Officer, Optii added: "While the strategies in our guide touch different areas of the operation, when addressed or even perfected, they ultimately lead to a more profitable hotel. Hoteliers can feel confident that these are tried and true and have originated from real world operations across the industry."

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The guide is available for download in a digital format, allowing readers to reference it conveniently on any device.

About Optii Solutions:

Optii Solutions is a hotel operations solution that leverages smarter technologies such as artificial intelligence, analytics, messaging and mobility to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of housekeeping and service delivery departments. For further information, please visit: 


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