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Optii’s preventative maintenance technology will be the first data-driven offering to help increase engineering efficiency and productivity 

AUSTIN, Texas -- Optii Solutions, the leading cloud-based hotel operations software, has announced the launch of a new, Preventative Maintenance module to complement its best-in-class housekeeping technology, service delivery, and internal communication tools. The addition of preventative maintenance makes Optii Solutions the most comprehensive solution on the market to help manage daily hotel operations. 

Preventative maintenance is a critical part of hotel operations and is often managed by dated manual methods such as pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets. These manual processes are prone to human error and can have a negative impact on team productivity and guest experience if tasks are not updated or turned around in time. Unlike all other solutions, Optii technology auto-generates and assigns jobs based on project rules, schedules, and business requirements which enables hoteliers to balance scheduled vs. ad-hoc jobs and improve efficiency by managing hotel assets better. 

Optii is known for its simplicity and intuitive user interface that leads to strong adoption and results. Optii’s Preventative Maintenance solution will enable hoteliers to track not only assets by usage and repair frequency, but also to track the performance of team members. With machine learning and AI, hoteliers will be able to understand team productivity, strengths and bottlenecks through Optii’s robust reporting on engineer performance and productivity, including cost analyses.

Katherine Grass, CEO, Optii Solutions, said: “We are very excited to be launching our new Preventative Maintenance module, which will ensure that our customers’ hotel operations will run smoothly, reliably and seamlessly, with maximum efficiency and no downtime. The module is a result of months of development and has been highly requested by our customers and prospect hotels.”

Grass continued, “Just like our other modules, Preventative Maintenance will track the performance of each individual engineer, as well as the performance of the assets, enabling hoteliers to have insights into where extra training may be needed. With clear visibility and data-driven insights, our full-suite of technology solutions provide confidence that your hotel operations are running in the most efficient way possible.”

The Preventative Maintenance module will be available to all hotels globally. If you’d like to find out more about the module, Optii will be exhibiting at HITEC 2022 on June 27-30 so stop by booth #1330.

About Optii Solutions

Optii Solutions is a hotel operations technology that optimizes labor, streamlines operations, and empowers teams across housekeeping, service delivery, internal communication, and preventative maintenance. For further information, please visit: