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Austin, TX: Optii Solutions, a leading provider of hotel operations optimization software, is pleased to announce its strategic integration with Tapendium, a cutting-edge guest engagement technology. This collaboration aims to revolutionize the overall guest experience and empower hoteliers with enhanced operational control.

The integration of Optii Solutions and Tapendium brings together two innovative platforms, each renowned for its excellence in the hospitality industry. This partnership is designed to seamlessly combine operational efficiency with guest engagement, creating a holistic solution for hoteliers looking to elevate their services.

By integrating Tapendium's guest engagement technology, hotels can provide a personalized and interactive experience for their guests. From in-room dining services to service delivery, the collaboration ensures a seamless and memorable stay. Optii’s advanced operations optimization software complements Tapendium by providing hoteliers with a comprehensive tool for managing service delivery and guest requests. This integration results in improved efficiency, resource utilization, and accountability. The integrated solution facilitates real-time communication between hotel staff and guests. This enables instant responses to guest requests, ensuring a high level of customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Hoteliers will also gain access to valuable data and analytics through the integrated platform. This data-driven approach allows for informed decision-making, enabling hotels to adapt and optimize their services based on guest preferences and operational performance.

Katherine Grass, CEO, Optii Solutions, said: "We are thrilled to announce our integration with Tapendium, as it marks a significant milestone in our commitment to providing hoteliers with solutions that elevate operations, and thereby guest experience. By combining our expertise in operations optimization with Tapendium's state-of-the-art guest engagement technology, we aim to continue to bring innovation to the hospitality industry."

Steve Wooding, CEO, Tapendium, said: "This collaboration reflects the shared vision of Optii Solutions and Tapendium in creating a future where hotels can seamlessly blend operational efficiency with exceptional guest experiences. Hoteliers interested in learning more about the integrated solution can contact either company for more information. "

About Optii Solutions

Optii Solutions is a hotel operations solution that leverages smarter technologies such as artificial intelligence, analytics, messaging and mobility to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of housekeeping,service delivery, and engineering departments. For further information, please visit:


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About Tapendium:

Tapendium is a guest engagement solution for Hotels, providing guests fully integrated access to a wide range of hotel services through a managed tablet.  For further information please visit


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