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Optii Solutions, the leading authority on housekeeping operations has expanded its portfolio by launching Optii Service and Optii Chat with a fresh multicolored Optii logo and brand new website to mirror the new service offering and global expansion of the company.

Both products have been designed to address key pain points in hotel operations, such as repetitive ad hoc service tasks and poor communications due to inefficient radios and language barriers across teams. Both modules aim to help hotels increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance guest experiences.

Optii Service enables hotel supervisors to manage lean, streamlined service teams, that are deployed in the most efficient way possible to reduce inefficiencies, increase productivity and prioritize guest needs. Optii Service optimizes all service requests through one platform of communication so they can be tracked, reported and updated in real-time. Guest requests will never be missed as they are automated, prioritized and tracked across all departments in the hotel providing clear transparency for managers on team’s productivity.  

Misunderstandings and repetition of tasks cost hotels money. Optii Chat helps hotel to foster teamwork across operational and functional departments. It delivers the ability to communicate quickly, and clearly with all staff at the same time, through a channel that everyone has access to and is simple and easy to use. Chat empowers employees by enabling them to stay connected and updated with their teams, allowing all departments to communicate in real-time with each other via desktop or remotely on the mobile app.

Katherine Grass, CEO of Optii said, “The hotel industry is facing unprecedented challenges with the COVID-19 crisis. Now more than ever communication and operational efficiency will be key to the long-term survival of hotels. Managers need to have transparent and reliable information on team’s productivity across departments, which will now be possible with the inclusion of Service and Chat.”

“We work closely with our customers to understand their pain points and work to bring them solutions. I’m delighted that we can offer both the Optii Service and Chat products to help hotels beyond their housekeeping operations.”

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