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Following a successful trial with strong results, Staycity Group is expanding its use of Optii to its full portfolio across Europe

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Austin, Texas: Optii Solutions, the leading hotel operations software, today announced that Staycity Group is expanding its partnership with Optii to its entire portfolio of 32 hotels. 

After previously trialing Optii at three properties in the UK, Staycity saw strong improvement in productivity, manager planning and preparation, cost savings, and ultimately a better guest experience. The group estimates that it is now able to get guests into their rooms between one to two hours earlier depending on the property. 

Based on these results, the group made the decision to expand its use of Optii across its entire portfolio of 32 hotels, and growing. Using Optii across the portfolio will allow the group to set and maintain standards, aid in training, and measure performance at the group or individual property level. The use of Optii will also spur further operational improvements and innovations in the areas of staff planning and forecasting, labor cost and budgeting, and employee rewards and recognition. 

Lloyd Green, Head of Operational Effectiveness, Staycity Group said: “After reviewing results and performance from our initial three properties, the decision to expand was a no-brainer. The return on investment from the productivity gains by itself made the decision easy to justify. But considering all the benefits Optii brings to our operation, we are confident that this is the right solution for our company and teams. Beyond productivity, cost savings and an improved guest experience, Optii is making our teams lives better by giving them modern tools to do their job more efficiently and effectively. We are excited to start the roll-out and further our use of Optii across the entire portfolio.”

Katherine Grass, CEO, Optii Solutions, said: “From day one, Staycity has been one of our more engaged and innovative customers in their use of Optii. In them, we have a partner that truly understands and embraces the value of Optii in a hotel operation. They have taken full advantage and used the solution to empower their teams, and to better understand the operation through data and reporting. This has allowed them to not only reap the core operational benefits, but also to go further and make Optii an integral part of their larger ecosystem of processes and technology. It is customers like Staycity that has helped us drive innovation and become a customer-centric market-leader.” 

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