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Optii has been proven to help hotels across the globe dramatically increase housekeeping productivity and reduce labor costs, providing up to 500% ROI within just months of implementation. Optii’s easy-to-use housekeeping management software has helped hotels like Ritz Carlton, Westin Hotels & Resorts and Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts reduce labor costs up to 18% and increase productivity up to 25%.

Read on to discover the top four ways Optii’s housekeeping management software can help your hotel achieve similar savings and ROI.

1. Eliminates wasted labor

Optii’s intelligent software platform automatically assigns rooms based on the optimum path of travel for each room attendant, eliminating time wasted travelling from one end of your hotel to the other.

What’s more, managers, supervisors and the front-desk staff can track room attendant progress in real time, all from the comfort of their desktop or mobile device, resulting in at least a 60% reduction in manual communications.

2. Accurately predicts clean-times

Every hotel guest uses their hotel room in different ways – and though guests may be checking out from the same room type on the same day, the use-patterns can have a completely different burden on your room attendants.

Most other housekeeping software solutions simply move operations from clipboards to mobile devices, without making a distinction between different room use-patterns. Using artificial intelligence, Optii analyzes multiple factors to learn guest-room clean times while ensuring optimal distribution of your housekeeping resources.

3. Automatically adjusts housekeeping schedules

Some guests decide to stay an extra day or two, others check out early, while still more require wake-up, turndown, or any number of other special requests. Optii’s intelligent software platform helps your housekeeping team keep up with these constant status updates and special requests by automatically adjusting housekeeping schedules guest-by-guest, room-by-room and minute-by-minute.

At the end of the day this results in greater productivity, lower costs and increased guest satisfaction. What more could you ask for?

4. Provides full visibility and best-in-class data analytics

Here’s what! Optii’s platform gives management visibility into real-time housekeeping performance, whereabouts, and daily progress that is unmatched in the industry.  Optii’s best-in-class data analytics dashboards and reports convert daily metrics into consolidated data and actionable insights, allowing management to make data-driven decisions that help drive financial and cleanliness results.

So, how much can Optii save my hotel?

On average, Optii’s intelligent housekeeping software helps hotels save 3-5 minutes per room cleaned, and if you do the math, that adds up to huge savings on housekeeping labor costs. We’ve created an online ROI & Savings Calculator to make “doing the math” fast and easy. Click here to start your calculation and find out how much Optii can help your hotel can save on housekeeping labor costs!