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While the hospitality industry has always been a people business, the cost-saving benefits of implementing more technology in hotel operations are causing owners and managers to fully embrace the help of new intelligent technology solutions. However, most hotels have only implemented new technology in their front-of-house operations – but what about other key departments, like housekeeping? Implementing a new intelligent solution into this often-overlooked area can significantly increase room-attendant productivity, reduce labor costs and deliver real ROI results.

Here are just a few of the many reasons hotel owners and managers should switch from clunky clipboard-based systems to an intelligent housekeeping solution:

1. Increase staff productivity and cut labor costs

By automating workflow schedules, showing cleaning progress in real-time and decreasing unnecessary paperwork and phone/radio calls, intelligent technology can enable increased levels of productivity for both room attendants and supervisors.

In fact, Optii's intelligent housekeeping solution has proven that its software helps hotels achieve productivity increases of up to 20% for room attendants and 40% for supervisors, helping hotels cut labor costs by up to 15%, all within just months of implementing the technology.

2. Improve guest reviews and ratings

Guest reviews are often based on emotional reactions, such as having to wait for their room to be ready or arriving to a room with seemingly minor housekeeping slip ups. Even one tiny housekeeping mistake can lead to a negative review that tarnishes your hotel’s reputation or convinces a potential guest to book somewhere else instead.

Deploying mobile, intelligent housekeeping technology to your entire housekeeping staff optimizes communication with the front desk, creating faster room-readiness and ensuring guest preferences are implemented and cleaning tasks are completed to the highest standard in every room, all of which lead to a better guest experience and improve your hotel’s reputation on review sites.

3. Optimize housekeeping resources by predicting use-patterns

When using manual processes, it’s difficult for hotels to distinguish between different use-patterns of guests. For instance, a lightly used room occupied by a conference guest might only take 20 minutes to clean, while a room that’s been lived and dined in by a family with two children for three nights might take a full hour to clean.

When you switch to an intelligent housekeeping solution with predictive clean-time capability, like Optii, you can accurately estimate room-cleaning times, allowing you to schedule the right number of room attendants and ensure optimal and fair distribution of labor for every shift.

4. Meet the 24-hour room readiness expectation 

Today’s travelers have higher expectations than ever before, which means the standard 3 p.m. check-in time doesn’t quite cut it anymore. If guests arrive earlier than traditional check-in hours, they still assume their room will be ready and waiting for them – especially if they requested an early check-in upon booking.

Intelligent housekeeping technology can help you optimize the complete cycle of 24-hour cleaning operations and be prepared for guests, no matter when they arrive.

5. Increase communication efficiency and eliminate language barriers

Constantly keeping track of room attendant progress and room-readiness is a huge hurdle for hotels that don’t use intelligent housekeeping technology. By making the switch, you can streamline communication and eliminate up to 60% of phone/radio calls, enabling your staff to be more attentive to guests and spend closer to 100% of their time performing high-quality cleaning.

In addition, solutions like Optii offer multi-lingual versions of the platform, minimizing language barriers and helping improve relations between front-desk staff and housekeeping. This allows hoteliers to do more with less by eliminating inefficiencies.

The Bottom Line

Hotels around the world are already using technology to improve efficiency in other departments, so why not do the same with your housekeeping operations?

It’s clear that implementing an intelligent housekeeping solution can increase productivity, improve guest experience, and help streamline reception-housekeeping communication – all of which lead to real return on investment.

Optii is an industry-leading intelligent hotel operations solution that can give you all the benefits listed above, and more. If you’re interested in learning more about how an innovative solution like Optii can benefit your hotel, request a demo today!