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In Hotel Operation, Approach Matters

By Optii Solutions on Oct 20, 2022 3:54:08 PM

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Hoteliers have many choices for hotel operations technology. It’s not uncommon for us to be asked how Optii is different from other vendors that provide hotel operations solutions for areas, such as housekeeping, engineering, guest services, etc. I often say that we each approach hotel operations from a different angle. 

For Optii, our focus has always been on labor optimization — doing more with less, which is especially important in today’s world when labor is in short supply and occupancy is reaching record highs. 

In this blog, we hope to provide you with relevant information about how we at Optii take a fundamentally different approach to hotel operations than many other technology providers in the space. To be clear, every provider has key strengths and areas of focus, and each may be best suited for a certain hotel. There are also budget considerations, and some technologies can be a bargain for those simply looking to digitize their operations. At Optii, we believe that technology should continue to improve, and do the heavy lifting when it comes to optimization. After reading, grab some time with us to see the platform.

Here’s when Optii is likely the right solution for you:

1. Productivity and efficiencies are important to your operations
Optii focuses on optimizing time, based on numerous factors, while all other hotel operations technology takes a task-based approach to housekeeping. Think, digitized clipboards. Optii, instead, is going several steps farther to optimize those digital clipboards, continuously working in the background, in real-time, to create efficiencies. This helps create a larger impact on cost savings and time savings. In today’s challenging labor environment, it allows many of our hotel customers to run leaner teams. Others repurpose the time savings to improve quality or guest satisfaction. As an example, many of our customers see improvements in the hours of when rooms are ready for their guests, creating an improved first impression for their guests.

2. You need your technology to keep working for you

Optii uses predictive technology with artificial intelligence and machine learning to constantly keep learning and improving, making it dynamic. Task-based systems are static and rely on the user to find improvements. We see this impacting not only ROI (get your custom analysis here) but also accuracy and team satisfaction because of this predictability. For example, on a high-occupancy day, Optii will map which rooms should be cleaned when and in what order to ensure that rooms are ready for guests when they arrive (and shorten that turnaround time). Optii leverages data points (type of traveler, group size, etc.) from the PMS to predict the most optimal cleaning route. It also takes into account the layout of your property in determining that route. Lastly, Optii operates in real-time, and adjusts as things change (rushed rooms, late check-out, etc) throughout the day.

3. Housekeeping is critical to cost, operation, and guest experience, but you still prefer a full platform for your overall operation
While Optii has been the leader in housekeeping technology, our app functionality expands into Service, Interdepartmental Chat, Preventative Maintenance. Most other technologies take a broad approach and aim to cover multiple areas with some functionality. We’ve applied the same labor optimization approach to these newer modules to ensure hotels are operating in the smartest way possible with data to make critical business decisions that positively affect the operation. In this case, consider one hotel customer that made the decision just weeks after implementing Optii to replace critical in room equipment. With Optii, they now had the data to show that leaving the outdated equipment which breaks frequently was more costly than replacing it across the whole property. 

4. You’re a transformational leader

All of our customers see productivity gains and positive impact from Optii. But, it’s the leaders that are looking to transform the way their operation is run, and elevate its role in the business that see the most gains from Optii. Consider that Optii generates hours of saved time in housekeeping, improved staff performance, better communication, improved guest satisfaction, longer assets lives, and much more. Do you have a plan for how to use the savings and improvements? If you do, you’re likely a transformational leader looking for the right tools to support your strategy.

5. You’re looking for a partner, not a vendor

Lastly, strong customer care and support. Optii focuses on delivering exceptional implementation and customer support across the entire lifecycle of a customer. We believe this is equally key to a great product and this shows through our high NPS and satisfaction numbers. Most of our team is recruited from the industry and we approach our hotel customers with this expertise and understanding

I hope this insight into when Optii may be right for your operation is helpful to you in selecting a partner for your property or group. We are hotel enthusiasts and keen to make a difference in hotel operations. We are proud of the platform we’ve created and can’t wait to show it to you. To schedule a demo, click here