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While other housekeeping solutions are just creating endless checklists, Optii Solutions is proud to go much further and develop key new features directly into our product to automate cleaning protocols.
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New hotel cleaning protocols to cost over $130k USD per hotel on average per annum

As new hospitality cleaning protocols are being released on a daily basis worldwide, Optii Solutions, the leading hotel operations platform, has worked with hotel partners to calculate the cost of implementing the new cleaning requirements.  Initial analysis shows that hotels will need to budget around $130,000 for a 250-room hotel, running at around 60% occupancy.  However, measures such as cutting out stayover cleans or charging extra for additional ancillary services could be introduced to raise upwards of $110,000 in the same scenario, thereby largely offsetting these additional costs.
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LUXXE Extends Partnership with Optii Across all Hotels.

Austin, Texas, May 27, 2020– LUXXE Outsourced Hotel Services, one of Australia's leading providers of hotel housekeeping staff, today announced its commitment to extend its partnership with Optii Solutions, the innovative  hotel operations technology platform. LUXXE has been working in partnership with Optii for several  years across multiple hotels and is extending the services partnership of Optii product portfolio, Optii Keeper, Optii Service and Optii Chat across an additional 8 properties in Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane and Cairns.
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Optii introduces new technology offerings

Optii Solutions, the leading authority on housekeeping operations has expanded its portfolio by launching Optii Service and Optii Chat with a fresh multicolored Optii logo and brand new website to mirror the new service offering and global expansion of the company. Both products have been designed to address key pain points in hotel operations, such as repetitive ad hoc service tasks and poor communications due to inefficient radios and language barriers across teams. Both modules aim to help hotels increase efficiency, reduce costs and enhance guest experiences.  
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Optii commits to AHLA Safe Stay initiative

Optii Solutions announced today its commitment to endorse the AHLA Safe Stay initiative.  
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Optii offered cost free to all 17,000 participating hotels

AUSTIN, Texas - Optii Solutions, the provider of the most advanced labor optimization solution for hotel housekeeping teams, has teamed up with the American Hotel and Lodging Association to support hotels participating in the ‘Hospitality for Hope’ initiative.
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Optii Welcomes Katherine Grass

We are delighted to announce that Katherine Grass has joined the Optii team as our new Chief Executive Officer.   
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Hotel Operations... The New Norm

Apr 15, 2020 8:03:42 AM | David Dajani | 0 Comments
hotel operations covid19
 During these unprecedented times, hotels are having to make decisions that were unimaginable as we closed-out 2019. Hotels are being shuttered with the knowledge that many might not open their doors for some time. 
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Hotel Housekeeping: How To Sanitize Against Coronavirus

Mar 26, 2020 1:04:16 PM | David Dajani | 0 Comments
Hotel Housekeeping and the Novel Coronavirus As hotel housekeeping experts, we want to share a few simple tips and resources to ensure the health and safety of your team and community. 
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Know Your Hotel's Operation like the Back of Your Hand to Become a Great Leader

Apr 26, 2019 3:27:29 PM | David Dajani | 0 Comments
hotel operations
Knowledge is power. Yes, we’ve all heard that one before but in the world of hospitality it will always remain to be true.
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Is Outsourcing Housekeeping post COVID-19 the Right Solution for Your Hotel?

Dec 21, 2018 10:44:13 AM | David Dajani | 0 Comments
As we start reopening hotels to the new normal post COVIS-19, top-performing operators are entertaining the idea to outsource their housekeeping department due to uncertainty about the future of business , and for good reason! Outsourcing your hotel’s housekeeping staff can cut labor costs up to 25% by greatly reducing expenditures associated with payroll taxes, benefits and high turnover rates that plague so many hotel housekeeping departments.
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About Optii Solutions

Headquartered in Austin, USA, Optii Solutions was founded in 2006 by hospitality professionals who recognized the need for innovation in housekeeping and operations management. The Optii hotel operations platform allows hotels to reduce costs, streamline operations and enhance the guest experience in proven and tangible ways. We bring together smarter technologies such as artificial intelligence, analytics, messaging and mobility to empower operations teams, without requiring capital expenditure and complex integrations.
Backed by investments from Thayer Ventures, Kinetic Ventures, and HOF Capital, the company services large international hotel clients throughout Asia, Australia, Europe and North America. 

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