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While other housekeeping solutions are just creating endless checklists, Optii Solutions is proud to go much further and develop key new features directly into our product to automate cleaning protocols.

Our system will help hotels assure guest confidence and limit your hotel’s exposure to potential legal liability. There has never been a more pressing time for housekeeping technology, Optii is the industry leader and here to help.

We have fully analyzed over 37 COVID-19 announced cleaning protocol initiatives by all of the top brands and management companies and have been in constant communication with industry leaders to determine and apply best practices now configured into our housekeeping platform.

#1: Need to reduce or eliminate Stay Over Cleans?

The Non-Daily Stayover Cleans feature allows hotels control the number of cleanings offered to stayovers. With this new feature, you can manage the frequency of stay overs automatically, whether it be every 3 rd or 5 th night, or even none at all. Optii will handle this for you. You can of course also tell Optii that VIPs get a service, no matter what dayit is. And those guests willing to pay extra for a daily service? If your front office team marks them with a ‘specials’ code in the PMS, Optii will schedule a stayover clean for them, overriding any other rules you may have in place.

#2: Want an audit trail to ensure your protocols are being followed?

What if a guest claims they got infected in your hotel? Hotels have always exercised a duty of care for their guests, yet the new world order warrants additional diligence to manage liability and exposure to legal action. The Extra Jobs Report feature allows hotels to create additional tasks to be performed to assure cleaning protocols have been met. Optii will allow you to schedule important disinfection and similar jobs that require RAs to tick them to confirm completion. You can then process reports that tell you exactly which of these jobs were performed during a clean to produce that audit trail – proof of your professionalism and diligence and potential evidence.

#3: Wish to delay room cleaning for 24-hours after a guest departs?

The virus can survive on hard surfaces for several hours. Some of our clients are choosing NOT to enter a room on the day of guest’s departure, cleaning it the next day instead. Optii can automatically handle this for you. As occupancy picks up again, you
can revert to departure cleans on the same day. With the Delayed Departure Clean, you not only help protect staff from being infected by any viruses that might still be alive on some surfaces, but also allows you to communicate to guests who request a room not recently occupied.

#4: Looking for quick staff onboarding as hotel ramps up occupancy and recovers?

As you bring your team back, they find themselves confronted with changed cleaning procedures. Your supervisors have new items to check. Optii can help to ease this change process, assisting in making this a smooth experience for all. Updating the jobs and inspection checklists is not something you have to do regularly, therefore at Optii we have prepared some instructional videos so you can refresh exactly on areas you need to better understand, a quick and easy video to ease

Katherine Grass CEO of Optii says: “Housekeeping Automation is becoming more and more of an imperative topic in the industry as a necessity to not only control labor cost and improve efficiencies, but also assure the safety of the HSKP team and gain confidence of our guests to return, while helping protect hotels from liability claims in the future.”

The COVID-19 Recovery Playbook
Industry leaders agree that, once we come out of the crisis, we need to be more nimble and creative in the management of our hotels across all departments. The purpose of this Playbook is to give our partners a head start in efficiently managing the many challenges presented during the recovery and prepare the hotel for a post-COVID world. Download yours now.
How Much Is This Going To Cost?
Optii has conducted a study that analyses the cost impact of new cleaning and safety procedures hotels are looking to implement. Learn how we you can avoid over $130K in additional costs!