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In part two of this three-part blog series, we revealed the hidden costs behind dissatisfied housekeeping staff and the costs of high turnover rates. Now, let’s look at how inefficient hotel housekeeping operations impacts your hotel’s guest satisfaction levels, and in turn, your hotel’s bottom line.

1.- Low guest satisfaction

Guest satisfaction is key in the hotel industry. If your housekeeping staff is unorganized, your guests are often left waiting for a room or arrive to a room that hasn’t been properly prepared, leaving a lasting negative first impression.

Running efficient housekeeping operations ensures that your housekeeping staff will not only be fully prepared to stay on top of each room but will be able to analyze each room and know the proper way to maintain it before, during, and after your guests’ stay.

2.- Return Rate

Guest return rates are directly related to how satisfied a guest was with their first stay at your hotel. If your guests are pleased with their stay, your hotel will be their first choice every time. The higher your return rate is, the more money you make, and the more credibility you establish.

With efficient housekeeping operations, you can ensure your staff is prepared for whatever room is available next, how many people are occupying it, and the schedule of the room.

3.- New advertisements are costly

Your credibility within the hotel industry is important and word of mouth is more powerful today than ever before. The lower your guest satisfaction is, the less reputable your hotel is. If your hotel is affected by your lack of credibility, you’ll need to look for ways to build your business back up. This often requires new marketing and advertising efforts, which can be time consuming and expensive.

4.- Negative Reputation

Guest ratings on can truly make or break your hotel. One of the most frequent complaints recorded across the various rating platforms relates to housekeeping service. If your guests are unhappy with the check-in wait time, cleanliness of the room, or any number of other housekeeping related issues, they’ll write a negative review and tell nearly ALL of their friends and colleagues. At the end of the day, this leads to decreased bookings and revenue for your hotel.

The Bottom Line

Inefficient housekeeping operations can have a big effect on guest satisfaction. Low guest satisfaction can lead to reduced return rates and decreased ratings. With Optii’s intelligent housekeeping management solution, you can get ahead of the game and ensure your housekeeping operations run smoothly, helping create a positive experience for each of your guests.

Interested in learning more about how Optii can transform your hotel’s housekeeping operations? Watch this short, 2-minute video to learn more!