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In part one of this three-part blog series, we revealed how outdated, inefficient housekeeping operations can cost your hotel big in wasted time and resources. Now, let’s take a look at the hidden costs lurking behind dissatisfied, unproductive housekeeping staff, not to mention the costs of high turnover rates that plague so many hotels today.

1. Reduced room attendant productivity

Your housekeeping staff is key to ensuring your hotel runs smoothly each and every day of the year, but it can be a big challenge to keep room attendants motivated and productive. Even just a few minutes of a slow down in several of your room attendants each day can add up to large sums by the end of the month or year. Inefficient housekeeping operations can lead to unbalanced workloads, one of the most important factors contributing to dissatisfaction among room attendants.

2. Turnover leads to even more turnover

Unfortunately, dissatisfied housekeeping staff can be contagious, leading to turnover rates as high as 50% in the hotel industry. If your hotel suddenly loses one or more room attendants in a short period of time, the burden often falls to their team members, who in turn become overloaded and end up leaving shortly thereafter.

3. Recruitment costs add up quickly

For each room attendant that decides to leave, your hotel will need to look for a replacement and finding the right candidate for your team requires a significant amount of work and resources. Routine recruitment tasks like posting job listings, performing background checks, filing paperwork and interviewing candidates, all involve expenditures in both time and money that add up quickly, especially when turnover rates spike.

4. The true costs of training new staff

Properly training each new housekeeping team member is essential to ensuring your hotel’s brand standards are upheld and your guests enjoy a seamless experience. However, this level of training requires a significant investment in time from you, your housekeeping manager or supervisor, not to mention the costs of the training materials themselves.

The Bottom Line

Inefficient housekeeping operations can greatly impact levels of dissatisfaction among your housekeeping team, leading to high costs in lost productivity and far-to-frequent expenditures to hire and train new housekeeping staff.

With an intelligent housekeeping management solution like Optii, you can reduce, if not eliminate many of these costs. Optii’s unique software automates scheduling, evenly distributes workloads, streamlines room attendant path of travel, and provides an easy-to-use, multi-lingual app, designed to make your entire housekeeping staff’s days headache free!

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Be sure to stay tuned for part three of this blog series to discover even more hidden costs!