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Did you know that housekeeping can represent up to 50% of your hotel’s labor costs? Hotel managers and owners looking to cut costs and increase productivity should start by taking a good look into the efficiency of their housekeeping operations.

In this first of a three-part blog series, we’ll uncover how outdated, inefficient housekeeping operations can cost your hotel big in wasted time and resources.

1.- Too much time spent on scheduling

Have you ever stopped to think about just how much you or your housekeeping manager spends on scheduling alone? From sick calls to the never-ending room status updates, it often seems like this is all a housekeeping manager focuses on throughout the day.

A streamlined housekeeping management system like Optii saves housekeeping managers hours of work each day with automated scheduling that optimizes available room attendants and supervisors with just a few clicks. Just think of how much time and money this could save!

2.- Unbalanced room assignments

It’s clear that a hotel room occupied by a family of five for a week will require much more clean time than, let’s say, a room occupied by a single business traveler for a night or two. If your current room assignment process doesn’t take this level of detail into consideration, you’ll likely have several overworked and unhappy room attendants on the one hand and several others twiddling their thumbs until it’s time to clock out on the other.

Optii’s predictive clean-time technology does these complex calculations for you, automatically assigning the right amount of time and resources based on guest type and use pattern.

3.- Ineffective communication

Outdated communication methods, relying mostly on phone, radio and tracking down RAs on foot, can seriously hamper housekeeping productivity and result in extremely inflated labor costs – not to mention, frustrated and unmotivated housekeeping staff.

It’s time to bring your hotel’s housekeeping communications into the 21st century!  Optii’s intelligent software platform synchronizes your entire housekeeping team with one easy-to-use, mobile technology that provides real-time visibility into cleaning and room-inspection progress.

4.- Increased path of travel

Housekeeping operations can often feel like a game of ping pong, bouncing room attendants and supervisors from one end of the hotel to the other due to improperly designed schedules. Think of how much more productive and efficient your housekeeping team could be without all that wasted travel time!

Optii’s unique housekeeping management technology eliminates this waste by automatically optimizing room attendant and supervisor paths of travel for every shift.

The Bottom Line

Taking your hotel’s housekeeping operations to the next level with an intelligent software platform like Optii is key to reducing or even eliminating these and many other budget busting costs. Be sure to stay tuned for parts two and three of this blog series to discover even more hidden costs!

Interested in finding out just how much Optii can help your hotel save? Check out our quick online calculator.