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Every General Managers instinct may be to batten down the hatches and save every penny possible but our experience shows otherwise.  In this blog we wanted to take a moment of your time to explain why it is precisely the time to invest in your operations department, to survive the now and flourish in the future. 

1. Housekeeping and service is more important than ever 

Not only is additional cleaning top priority for all hotels in the new normal, but with housekeeping teams operating on limited numbers as occupancy continues to dramatically fluctuate, it is more important than ever that all members of the team are assigned the right tasks to make full use of everyone’s limited time. 

Optii is the only solution on the market to deploy predictive technology that maps daily room attendant routes based on guest profiles and hotel needs. With clear visibility and data-driven insights, you can be confident that your operations teams are working in the most efficient way possible, every day. Our audit trails are also an essential tool for managers to be able to view cost-efficiency per room. It is near impossible to achieve this with a pen and paper in real-time, with accuracy and without hours of extra admin. 

2. Help to manage lean teams 

Are you faced with the challenge of limited staff during this pandemic? You are not alone, as many of our hotel customers are continuing to operate with reduced staff numbers following furlough or redundancies during the worst of this pandemic. Now hotels are faced with not only running on a lean team but also with the challenge of training and re-deploying staff as the sector starts to open up again. With occupancy continuing to unpredictably fluctuate, how can managers prepare their teams?  

Optii Housekeeping centralizes operations, so managers have a full view of team members tasks and performance. Our technology enables resource clustering and streamlining of the supervisor function so that managers are able to optimize teams as best as possible. Consistent training is also time consuming and a big challenge, which is why our intuitive solution has training embedded within, so managers can be assured team members are compliant with the latest evolving cleaning protocols. 

3. Embrace automation to save on labor costs 

In order for hotels to thrive in the modern world they need to embrace new intelligent tools that will help them with daily operations. The guest experience remains the top priority, and in today’s new world, tolerance for errors is lower than ever. Therefore, hotel managers need to connect all their departments to provide the best experience but at a lower cost and increased output in order to remain successful.   

Optii Service improves the guest experience by eliminating the need for walkie talkies, in fact we can lower the need for back and front offices to speak to each other by about 95%. Our solution reduces manual errors with real-time team management which monitors and tracks all job activities, so hotel managers have greater insights, accountability and control on labor savings. 

4. Enable efficient communication amongst teams 

Communication across different departments and colleagues is an essential feature for operations teams in today’s environment. With leaner teams, additional tasks and requirements and a desire to remain socially distanced, you need to ensure you are providing the best technology possible for your team to communicate with each other on site and to provide direct instructions for daily tasks. 

Optii Chat enables teams to deploy real-time one-to-one and departmental communication to ensure nobody misses a message. It can be accessed via desktop or mobile app so that different departments and teams can communicate across the hotel property and can be alerted to guest requests and new tasks. Our Chat function also enables multi-language user profiles to remove barriers and reduce any miscommunication with its native language and translation feature. 

Find the right technology for you

There are lots of different technology solutions available for the hospitality industry today, so make sure you find the right solution for your operations that is going to dramatically improve things from day one, not be a nightmare to rollout and use. Request a demo today or speak to a member of the Optii team to find out how we could help transform your operations management. 

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