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Time is of the essence when it comes to the fast-paced world of hotel operations. Smooth coordination between departments and team members is essential to alleviating these time pressures. When working in a multilingual team, the likelihood of miscommunication is higher, which can slow down the hotel's operations. Inline translation, a new feature in Optii Chat, the company’s staff communication tool, translates written information into a multitude of languages helping to improve clarity and outcome, promotes inclusiveness, and boosts team morale, thereby enhancing team collaboration and productivity

Improved Teamwork and Satisfaction

The cause of friction between hotel staff is often rooted in miscommunication and misunderstanding. Effective communication works both ways, it relies on a combination of both outlining and then executing the task. For example, if the front desk staff has asked housekeeping to add towels to a particular room and that request is not followed through due to a language barrier, it can be very frustrating and affect trust. Over time this breakdown in communication can lead to a sense of incoherence between team members, making it more challenging to work together productively. 

Inline translation can eliminate many of these challenges. It enables team members to communicate with one another even if their native language isn’t the same as the location country of the property. Integrated into Optii’s Chat function, it automatically translates messages into the user's preferred language.

Whether it be communicating with one person or an entire team, inline translation makes it possible to share and receive information quickly and seamlessly. Crucially, this means no longer having to use various manual translation methods which can be both time-consuming and challenging to integrate into existing technologies. By introducing inline translation, hotels can save up to one hour a day compared to previous translation processes resulting in significant cost savings.

Increased Team Effectiveness 

Inline translation ensures a multilingual workforce can work together effectively as language barriers have been broken down. As each team member can depend on one another to get important tasks done, this raises team spirit and creates an environment for smooth hotel operations. 

For hotel managers, inline translation is a game changer because it frees up time for other tasks. Having a reliable tool that automatically translates information into the user’s preferred language makes team meetings more productive because there are fewer misunderstandings. In addition, conflict resolution is also improved, as it is easier to manage and resolve disputes when everyone understands each other. 

Creating a hotel environment that encourages team members who aren’t fluent in the local language to participate in discussions allows them to feel more engaged in the workplace. Bringing diverse multilingual teams together leads to improved productivity levels and enhanced staff satisfaction. 

With labor shortages continuing to affect the hospitality industry, it’s becoming increasingly important to make roles more accessible. Incorporating inline translation into a hotel’s operations means managers have a larger talent pool of people to choose from as language is no longer a disqualifying factor. Not only does this increase job opportunities for people, but it also means hotels can mitigate the challenges associated with the current labor shortage.

Faster Training and Onboarding

The next step after hiring someone is to ensure that they’re up to speed with the way the hotel operates. Excellent performance on the job begins with having the right training and onboarding. Inline translation makes it easier for managers to provide constructive feedback in the team member’s preferred language which improves accuracy and minimizes the potential for miscommunication. Throughout the onboarding process, new team members are better able to ask questions which helps them to understand expected standards and meet them.

Building a multilingual team that communicates effectively with one another leads to better collaboration, fewer mistakes, and higher employee satisfaction. All of these elements are essential to improving the guest experience and ultimately driving profitability.

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