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It’s encouraging to see our customers’ occupancy levels rising once again and know that soon enough all of our customers will be thriving because they are equipped with critical technology like Optii to effectively run their operation. The right hotel operations solution eliminates the need for pen and paper, reduces the number of mundane tasks, and makes the “new normal” much easier to manage. 

Optii was first built with a focus on housekeeping and we quickly realized that our hotel customers needed a solution to deliver on guest requests, deploy and track engineering jobs, and also connect employees across departments. This gave way to our newest solutions, Optii Service and Optii Chat.

Both modules address and eliminate real customer and team challenges.  Our solutions provide real-time transparency and open communication across departments and makes the management of jobs more efficient, easier to track, and highlights areas where teams or individuals have opportunities to grow and learn.  

Optii Service and Optii Chat provide the following benefits:

Optii Service automates and auto-assigns guest requests and jobs and eliminates the needs for manual communication:

  • Jobs are entered in a centralized hub and managers have a real-time view on the progression of all jobs either by a team members’ historical timeline or job status view. 

  • Our system is intuitive and easy to use and requires minimal training. Customers love our drag and drop feature and internal logic that prioritizes guest requests and enables faster delivery and completion of jobs. 

  • Team members are alerted on their mobile device as jobs are assigned to them with all of the necessary information at their fingertips.

  • Photos are the universal language that all team members can understand.  Save time by taking pictures of what is broken or as managers, add a picture or an attachment to show how a task should be done.  

  • Easily monitor job progress and track KPIs through our dashboard,  timeline view, and interactive reports. Instantly know when jobs are added, started, paused, and completed by team members and the time it takes to complete as well as gaps in time between jobs.

Optii Chat connects hotel staff in one centralized internal communication tool for real-time messaging and alerts across departments or individual team members. 

  • Have a question for a room attendant on the floor? Send a message!  

  • Much like Slack or MS Team, you’ll be alerted with an audible push notification when you’ve received a new message. 

  • Communicate with one person or across departments, when staff are on and off property, to ensure company-wide communication is received. This is an easy, efficient, and effective way to deliver schedule changes and update staff on critical COVID policy changes in this rapidly changing time. 

And more...

These are just some of the benefits of Optii Service and Optii Chat.  

Interested in learning more? Book a sneak peak to see how Optii Service and Optii Chat can streamline your operation even more and empower your hotel team.