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For housekeeping managers that still rely on manual, paper-based processes, the start of the day often means scrambling to create boards for the upcoming shift with little to no visibility into up-to-date room statuses. Much of the rest of the day is likely spent chasing down room attendants and housekeeping supervisors with status updates and special requests. Unfortunately, this leaves little time or energy to focus on what really matters – optimizing productivity, keeping labor costs in check and helping ensure a top-notch guest experience.

What’s the good news? There’s an app for that – and it’s called Optii Solutions.

Optii’s best-in-class hotel housekeeping management app was designed by industry insiders who have a deep understanding of the many challenges housekeeping managers face each and every day.

Here are just a few of the ways Optii can quickly and easily transform your hotel’s housekeeping operations.

1. Superior labor management capabilities: Optii streamlines your housekeeping operations by optimizing room-attendant path of travel, eliminating wasted labor and reducing manual communications by at least 60%.

2. Team visibility: Optii gives management visibility into real-time team performance, whereabouts, and daily progress that is unmatched in the industry.

3. Predictive clean-time technology: Optii’s automated technology estimates cleaning times by examining guest type and use-pattern, ensuring optimal and fair distribution of your housekeeping resources for every shift.

4. Smart scheduling: Housekeeping requirements are automatically adjusted guest-by-guest, room-by-room and minute-by-minute to minimize wait times and meet the 24-hour check-in expectations of your guests.

5. Best-in-class data analytics: Full access to real-time data analytics equips your hotel’s management team to make smart business decisions that optimize housekeeping staffing levels, reduce costs and boost profits.
The Bottom Line

Optii’s intelligent housekeeping management app will streamline your housekeeping operations, maximize productivity and help ensure guest satisfaction. And the best part of all – you’ll see a real impact to your bottom line, fast. On average, hotels that use Optii see up to 500% within just months of implementation by reducing housekeeping labor costs up to 18% and increasing productivity up to 24%.

Watch our short video now to learn more about how Optii can transform for your hotel’s housekeeping operations!