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By definition, optimization means to make something as fully functional or effective as possible under its given constraints. But what does it mean to optimize a hotel housekeeping department?

Our intelligent housekeeping management platform answers this very question by optimizing the three main pillars of your hotel’s housekeeping department: overall operations, profitability, and guest satisfaction. Read on to see how Optii optimizes each of these key points to create a completely optimized housekeeping department:

1. Optimizing Operations

One of the biggest challenges facing the housekeeping department is the lack of insight and control into operations. By using a solution like Optii, you can optimize housekeeping by viewing and controlling operations in real-time and delivering key metrics and actionable insights that help streamline housekeeping performance.

Optii’s best-in-class software platform allows managers and supervisors to monitor the whereabouts and progress of room attendants in one central location from any mobile or desktop device, creating huge efficiencies for the entire team. Optii’s robust reporting and analytics dashboards make it easy for management to make data-driven decisions that improve housekeeping productivity, efficiency and quality.

2. Optimizing Profitability

Hotels can look to reduce labor costs and increase profits in the housekeeping department by turning to smart scheduling, a balanced workload, and maximized staff productivity. Providing room attendants with a balanced distribution of rooms in each roster can create happier and more motivated staff, resulting in reduced turnover and lower labor costs.

By maximizing staff productivity and ROI throughout your housekeeping operations with Optii, you can optimize profitability in your hotel’s largest department and see labor costs go down as much as 18% and productivity increase up to 24%.

3. Optimizing Guest Satisfaction

When you optimize your housekeeping department, you’re in turn optimizing guest satisfaction. By improving housekeeping efficiency and productivity, your hotel can see a significant reduction in front desk queues, quicker access to clean rooms, a higher standard of room presentation and the ability to easily manage guests’ personal preferences.

Each of these is a huge factor contributing to a higher guest return rate. In fact, hotels that use Optii to improve housekeeping operations have seen their return-guest rate increase as much as 5%!

The Bottom Line

Optimizing your hotel’s housekeeping operations can be simple when done with the right solution. Request a demo today to learn more about how Optii can streamline housekeeping operations, boost productivity and reduce labor costs for your hotel.