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It’s a common question amongst hotel owners these days: How can hotels create an experience that will attract the travelers of both today and tomorrow? As younger generations with unique needs and demands become a larger portion of every industry’s target audience, hotels who want to evolve with these new generations will need to make a few key changes to keep up.

1. Create spaces that allow business travelers to work comfortably

As more millennials join the business traveler demographic, hotels need to accommodate them with rooms that allow them to work as they would if they were working from home – including standing desks or a spacious, comfortable desk and chair setup. Many millennial travelers also enjoy hotels with accommodations like flexible meeting areas for working alone, or open collaborative spaces that allow them to work amongst others in small groups.

2. Ensure high-quality rooms and seamless customer service

“Both business and leisure travelers say room quality is the #1 reason for choosing a hotel,” according to a report from PWC’s Consumer Intelligence Series. Your hotel can have all the perks in the world, but guests still put the most weight on the quality and cleanliness of the hotel room they’re staying in. To give your guests the luxury they want at an affordable price, your hotel should create a blend of intelligent housekeeping technology like, Optii Solutions, paired with incredible customer service to ensure your guests have an experience that inspires them to leave great reviews about your hotel.

3. Provide convenient digital tools in hotel rooms

Free Wi-Fi is no longer simply a luxury for hotel guests – it’s a necessity. Whether it’s in the lobby or in the hotel room, modern travelers want free access to Wi-Fi, wherever they are. But that’s not the only digital perk your guests are looking for: a study also shows that business travelers prefer hotel rooms that have more power and USB outlets (35%), streaming services on TVs, chargers for laptops and phones in guest rooms (32%), keyless or mobile room entry (27%), and smart TVs (also 27%).

4. Curate highly-personalized experiences

Younger travelers enjoy feeling like unique individuals instead of just another occupancy number. Hotels can make sure their guests feel special every time they check in by recognizing and catering their personal room preferences and guaranteeing a quick, smooth check-in process. Some hotel technologies, like Optii, can even ensure each guest’s room preferences are managed with ease every day.

The Bottom Line

These days, hotels have a lot of new competition – and to stay competitive, hotel owners need to go further than they’ve ever gone before to ensure they attract and keep the modern traveler staying in their hotels.

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