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Two of the most key functions in any hotel are the housekeeping department and the reception team. These two teams are responsible for most of the guest touchpoints, and if they aren’t working together properly, it could create real problems for your hotel.

Read below to discover three easy ways to promote more collaboration and teamwork amongst these two departments to boost efficiency, productivity and guest satisfaction.

1. Create a smoother check-in experience

At first glance, housekeeping operations may seem unrelated to the front desk check-in experience. But when your hotel lobby is filled with guests unable to check in because their room hasn’t been cleaned yet, the connection becomes clear.

By using intelligent housekeeping software to improve productivity, you can ensure that rooms are getting cleaned faster and create a smoother check-in experience for both your front desk team and your guests.

2. Improve front desk-housekeeping communication

One of the most difficult tasks in a hotel is maintaining clear communication between front desk teams and room attendants. Without a modern system in place, front desk staff must manually keep track of cleaning progress and search the halls for room attendants when they’re needed.

Hotels can drastically improve front desk-housekeeping communication by implementing a solution like Optii, intelligent housekeeping management software easily accessible on any mobile device. With this tool, both room attendants and front desk staff can easily communicate with each other, making everyone’s day much more efficient and productive.

3. Keep everyone on the same page with cross-training

Providing cross-training to room attendants and front desk staff promotes mutual understanding of roles and improved teamwork, boosting staff morale and productivity.

By using a solution like Optii to provide consistent, easy-to-use onboarding and training at the touch of a button, new staff can feel supported as they adapt to their role and veteran staff on both teams can refresh their knowledge at any time.

The Bottom Line

There’s nothing that can create more success in a hotel than true collaboration and efficiency across all departments. By using the above tips in your own hotel operations, you can start driving clearer communication, better training, and higher guest satisfaction.

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