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The hotel landscape is more competitive and complex than ever – which means hotels looking to stay ahead of the curve need to ensure their operations are running like a fine-tuned machine. The surprising key to running smooth operations in your hotel? Housekeeping supervisors.

Read on to find out why housekeeping supervisors are so important to moving your team – and business operations—forward.

1. They’re a direct link between housekeeping and upper management

The housekeeping department makes up the largest team of employees in the hotel, which means leadership should first focus their management efforts on this area when looking for new ways to make improvements, increase efficiency and reduce costs.

Providing housekeeping supervisors intelligent and effective housekeeping management technology like Optii, strengthens this link and ensures everyone is working in sync toward the same goals.

2. They represent the voice of your hotel’s guests

Housekeeping supervisors are almost always the first to know what’s going on in your hotel and often have the most direct contact with guests. Supervisors can be the first hotel representative a guest sees when they have an issue or special request – and how they handle those issues and requests could make or break your hotel when it comes to online reviews and the rate of return guests.

3. They play an integral role in staff & guest communications

Housekeeping supervisors not only manage housekeepers and room inventory, they also play an integral part in communicating defects in rooms and hallways, managing lost and found items for guests, reporting security issues, and updating room status.

Many hotels are starting to turn to intelligent housekeeping solutions like Optii to help their supervisors update room status and report room or hallway defects with ease – freeing up their time to focus on more important managerial issues.

4. They are responsible for some of the most vital tasks in your organization

Your housekeeping supervisors are responsible for a staggering array of tasks that are vital to your hotel’s success. These include daily room checks and inspections, inventory, status updates, room-attendant training, onboarding, discipline and performance management -- just to name a few!

Luckily, solutions like Optii are available to provide housekeeping supervisors one central location to manage it all with easy-to-use mobile tools, helping ensure nothing slips through the cracks.

The Bottom Line

There are many cogs in the hotel machine, but by empowering your housekeeping supervisors with the tools they need to improve efficiency in your hotel’s largest department, you can help ensure that you’re keeping your business at the forefront of the hotel industry, while making life easier for everyone on your team.

Keep your team moving forward: Use Optii to give your housekeeping supervisors the push they need to play an even bigger role in creating successful hotel operations! Request a demo today to see Optii in action!