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It’s easy to assume that making housekeeping operations more efficient means cutting corners, paying less attention to cleaning details, ultimately diminishing the guest experience.

While this may occur if a hotel resorts to careless cuts in housekeeping staff to achieve “efficiencies”, hotels now have access to innovative tools and technology that allow them to gain labor efficiencies and improve guest experience.

The same way a carpenter’s productivity on the job increases significantly with the adoption of nail guns, putting smart housekeeping software and wireless technology into the hands of hotel room attendants and their managers reduces time-consuming tasks so they can focus on the work that really matters.

In the case of hotel housekeeping, what really matters is preparing perfectly clean rooms that meet and exceed guest expectations – every time, on time. After all, it’s no secret that if a guest doesn’t think their hotel room was clean, they likely won’t return.

‘If You Can’t Measure It, You Can’t Manage It’

Using an intelligent solution like Optii in your housekeeping operations can help drive measurable efficiencies by:

  • Automating room-attendant schedules and workflows
  • Accurately estimating cleaning times according to guest type and use patterns
  • Providing real-time data analytics that help managers make smart business decisions

And the best part of all – these same efficiencies help improve guest experience! Here’s how:

  • Phone and radio communications are nearly eliminated, resulting in quieter hallways for guests.
  • Room attendants and supervisors focus closer to 100% of their time and energy on what matters – ensuring each room is cleaned to the highest standard possible.
  • Managers have full visibility of housekeeping performance and its impact on guest experience.

The Bottom Line

Increased efficiency for housekeeping operations does not have to mean a lower quality of guest experience. Actually, just the opposite is true when the labor savings result from smarter use of your housekeeping staff’s time, enabled by well-designed housekeeping management software like Optii that automates repetitive administrative tasks, optimizes housekeeping resources and provides actionable insights for management.

A choice between greater efficiency and higher quality of service represents what the philosophers refer to as a “false dichotomy.” With a solution like Optii available, it’s a fundamentally unnecessary choice – hotel housekeeping operations teams can truly have their cake and eat it, too. And so can their guests! Request a demo today to learn more about Optii Solutions!